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Benefits to Content Providers

Rather than struggle to develop a successful online approach, you can use our proprietary platform to enhance your core offerings now. Our approach is designed to generate meaningful results for you with proven, global marketing techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Publishers and authors of properties that meet our criteria receive the following benefits:

  • Advertising: We generate awareness for your titles at our expense, through a worldwide online and offline campaign.

  • Email database collection: We market your book to potential customers who
    sign-up for the program's free newsletters.

  • Member purchases: We offer the book to everyone who signs up for the

  • Including book with subscription: At our discretion, we purchase the book
    in bulk as a premium for our best members.

  • Royalty income: When appropriate, we offer royalties based on the
    program's gross revenues.

To learn more about how our expertise can help you achieve your objectives, contact us today.


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